Main Features

  • Allow formation of small groups to encourage you a more personal connection with the members and broaden the scope to support each other.
  • Audio and video calls sends a call alert to every member of the group irrespective of the purpose of the call - may be social or an emergency.
  • Motivate to organise regular meet up with your group members in person for a cup of coffee or for a fun activity and it is always easy as you are not very far away from each other.
  • Opens up a new way to support each other emotionally and mentally. Most of the time you need someone to listen to your or say a nice word and in Couch you have your own small group.
  • A new way to seek service as a group and share the payment for a paid service. A service that can be provided online will have a place in Couch.
  • If you are a service provider, then it opens up the possibility to offer your service to a group online in the convenience and in the comfort of your own space.

Easily communicate with
your friend

Create your own group or join a group:

  • You can create your own group and invite your local friends to join
  • You can create a category for your group, so that people with common interest are part of your group
  • You can search for a group based on category in your local area and request to be part of the group

If you provide a service:

  • You can register as a service provider and your credentials can be uploaded and verified by the group
  • You are able to provide your online availability for anyone to make an online booking
  • A group will be able to request for your service, book an appointment and pay for it online.

Other Awesome Features

Frequently Asked Questions?

A service provider can be any professional for e.g. psychologist, dietician, yoga trainer, personal trainer, art therapist or other professional who will register as a service provider to provide their service via video chat to a group.

Your messages are encrypted

We take all required safety measure to make sure your personal information’s are safe. But as with any internet services, there are safety threats which may be beyond our control. We will inform you as soon as possible when we become aware of any safety breach

Yes, a service provider will have to pay a commission fee to the Couch for the service you provide using the Couch app. The commission fee is 25% of the fee you charge for the service.

Any free service is at the discretion of the service provider. If the service provider is willing to provide a service free of cost, then no fee will be charged.

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